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Hello Friends! Sorry I have not had much time to blog. I have been so busy getting work obligations going and also it's hard to get access to our computer when my hubby plays games every night :-)

We have had a lot going on since last I blogged! We went to Kansas City, Missouri for my cousin Kurt's wedding. Kurt and Sara made a beautiful couple and we had a blast getting to hang with our with extended family. The Becker side (my mom's family) is such fun and we always party hard!

Some pictures of me and Nathan :)

 My Grandpa, brother Will and cousin Quinten. Handsome Becker men :) Another cute pic of me and Nate from the wedding as well!
My grandma and grandpa with all their kids and their spouses...can you pick out my parents?

My grandparents with all their grandkids plus a couple significant others :) Love this one!!
We had such a blast and are so excited for Kurt and Sara and their new life together!

The week back to work after our trip was LONG and BUSY! This past weekend I worked at a beginner instrument day and had a blast getting to help and pick instruments for 5th graders. Love this time of year when I can see the absolute joy and excitement kids get when they make their first sound on an instrument!

On Sunday I ran my first 5K of the year, the Resolution Run in McKinney. I had gone into the run with hopes of placing top in my age category and had even confessed to Nathan that it would be way awesome to place in the top 5 for females in the race.

So it was supposed to be nice weather but ended up being dreary and cold! I didn't really dress properly, so at the last possible second I decided to run (for real) back to my car to change into running tights. As soon as I was running back up the hill to the starting line, everyone was lined up!! So I started the race kind of flustered and out of breath, which is not normal for me!!

Needless to say, I started down the first hill and noticed I was the only girl in front. All the people in front of me were men, so I wanted to keep that pace going. The 5K Stonebridge course is fun, but has about 2 killer hills. I think that if those hills had not been there I would have had a PR (for non-runners, this means Personal Record). Even still, my time was 25:03, which is about an 8 minute mile.

I finished the race feeling really good since I hadn't seen any girls pass me along the way. As soon as the results came out, I saw that I had placed OVERALL FIRST PLACE FEMALE!! This is a huge step for me and I was so excited that I was the fastest lady!!
It was so cool to know that all my hard work and dedication has paid off!
This is me accepting the trophy, and a picture of me before the race before I decided to change into tights! I think if I had not been winded from running back up the hill from my car I would have done even better!
Trophy!! Now I have to put in a shelf above my medals to display this thing!!

I am even more motivated than ever to keep running and keep up my new life of fitness. I will most likely run my next 5K in February, so stay tuned to see which one!!


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